Tre O’Neal (born January 29, 1994) is an up and coming R&B artist/songwriter from Denver, Colorado.

Born to Alvis and Nicole O’Neal, and siblings of Jai O’Neal and Doug Hooks, Tre is a late bloomer to the music scene.
He’s seen a good amount of success in his 8 months since starting this journey back in November of 2017, but not satisfied he continues to grow.

He released his first ever project “Quiet Transition” (EP) in December of 2017 which consisted of six songs, then later went on to release two singles: “Her Confidence” which got radio spins on FLO107.1 and “Dear Mama”.

Quickly establishing a fan base due to the carryover from his reputation as a basketball player, Tre was able to get off to a fast start reaching 20,000 streams in his first 2 weeks of releasing his EP. As well as being chosen to sing the National Anthem for the University of Colorado at Boulder men’s basketball team on their senior night versus UCLA.

Keep an eye out for his next highly anticipated album which he’s describe as his “best work by a long-shot!”, followed by some even bigger announcements.